Our measures against
Our measures against


We are open for you!

Dear customers,

our shop is open for you with some restrictions. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and to protect you and our employees, we take the liberty of taking the following measures :

  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00,
    • Closed on sundays.
  • Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other customers, inside and outside the store. Any violation is punishable and YENSO Asia Markt is not liable for it!
  • Entry instruction :
    • only single customers as instructed by the seller.
    • only with protective mask (N95 / FFP2) or certificate for exemption from protective masks.
    • Observe signs/instructions out-/inside the shop.
    • don't you have a protective mask? Please fill out the shopping list and give it to our cashier. We will fill your shopping cart for you.
    • please check your goods for quality and quantity immediately after checkout. For reasons of hygiene, we will not take back any goods, especially unpackaged food (e.g. fruit/vegetables).
  • We currently accept both CASH  as well as credit card payment (from 20 EUR value of goods!). Please pay the amount as appropriate as possible . We also try to give you the cleanest possible change on our part.

You're welcome  only shop with us if you accept our instructions above. YENSO Asia Markt is not liable for any breach of the containment ordinance on your part. Help us protect you and those around us.

These measures will initially remain in effect until December 31, 2022.

We ask for your understanding and stay healthy!

Your YENSO Asia Market .